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START Group 2005

The START Group membership provides mailings of numerous manuscripts by Subhuti Dharmananda three times per year. These include analyses of Chinese approaches to treatment of specific diseases, presentations about individual herbs and active constituents, and discussion of key issues arising from the practice of traditional medicine in the modern setting. This is the primary outlet for ITM research and training programs.

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Membership Annual Dues:

_____$ 30 for 2005 New Membership (mailing of over 280 pages). 2004 member: renew before May 1, 2005 for just $25; renew by phone: 800-544-7504 or by email:

_____$ 40 for 2004 Year's Mailings, START Group batches #36-38 (about 270 pages)

_____$245 for 1996-2003 Past Mailings (over 2,400 pages, including two booklets. Note: most articles from 1993-1995 have been revised, as have some more recent manuscripts; you only receive the updated and current versions. No shipping charge for U.S. orders)

_____$300 for 1996-2005 "The Works" NEW Membership for 2005 plus ALL Past Mailings; a total of nearly 3,000 pages after the 2004 mailings. This represents a wide-ranging course in traditional medicine with focus on Chinese herbalism. Excellent addition to college courses that do not offer this level of detail nor breadth of topics. No shipping charge for U.S. orders.

[Non-U.S. orders for Past Mailings and "The Works" based on actual costs by postal service; varies by country]

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ITM, 2017 SE Hawthorne, Portland, Oregon 97214 or charge below


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START Group 2005
START #39 is expected to ship in early May.

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