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About IEP

IEP was established in Portland, Oregon in 1992 as a division of the Institute for Traditional Medicine (ITM). We offer low-cost, traditional-style medical services including: acupuncture, moxibustion, shiatsu (Japanese massage), herbal formulas, and nutritional supplements. Treatments at IEP are intended to be an adjunct to standard medical care that is received elsewhere. The clinic presents a format for treatments that is different from most private practices, as outlined below. IEP is a medical specialty clinic where therapy is offered primarily for patients with cancer, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, stroke recovery, chronic pain, and HIV infection.

  • The clinic is a group practice, in which patients may, over time, receive treatments from the various practitioners. Although you will be assigned a lead practitioner to oversee your case, during individual visits to the clinic you may consult with the other practitioners as well. There are two private treatment rooms available, and 3 tables in a common area. This is modeled after the typical Chinese clinical setting, so that you may interact with practitioners and patients who are participating in the treatment program.
  • The treatment costs are partly subsidized by ITM, allowing you to obtain the level of treatment you need at a modest cost. Services are either offered on the basis of a monthly fee that includes all prescribed treatments and supplements (additional supplements may be obtained at discount prices) or on the basis of a per-visit fee with supplements and shiatsu available at a discount price. The fee structure depends on the program in which you are enrolled.

Through this clinic structure, patients are able to come to the clinic frequently, and are able to receive the full range of prescribed herbs and nutritional supplements.

Herbs and Supplements
Chinese herbal preparations and nutritional supplements, most of them in tablet form designed specially for ITM, are provided to the majority of patients. It is common to receive two Chinese herbal formulas: one that is specific for the disease condition being treated, and one that is specific for the individual symptoms or constitution. Clients will also often receive two nutritional supplements: one providing a broad spectrum of nutrients, and one specific for the disorder being treated.

To Enroll
To enroll as a patient in IEP, one should first consider whether the offering is suited to your needs. Generally, you should:

  • Have one of the disorders that is a specialty of the clinic (call with any questions). Be willing and able to come for treatments on a regular basis, usually once per week
  • Be willing to take the supplements if prescribed.
  • We kindly ask that you stop by the clinic to make sure the facility meets your requirements.
  • Read more about the clinic in Welcome to IEP and Therapeutic Journey at IEP then call 503-233-2101 during clinic hours (it is best to call at times other than Monday or Tuesday morning) to arrange for your initial appointment.
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