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The Jintu Visitor's Center

2007 S.E. Hawthorne, Portland, Oregon
Open 10:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M.

Display of green teas, Kyo-Green powder and raw herb materials.
This cabinet displays Japanese products-green tea, barley and wheat grass juice, garlic extract tablets,
and kelp root extract tablets-plus herbal honey from India, Chinese herbal soup blend for chicken soup
(or tofu-miso soup), and lycium fruit. On the wall is a Japanese Sumo Wresting painting, a gift from
Kunio Suzuki, head of Kenshin Trading, which imports most of the Japanese products

Jintu literature, the reading table and other products.
The cabinet to the left displays topical therapies-grapefruit seed antiseptic products, Korean plasters,
and Chinese plasters, oils, and liniments-plus Nutra-Soy beverage powder and a selection of
cough syrups. The cabinet to the right holds free literature about each of the items (additional reading materials
are placed adjacent to the display areas); this is the same literature seen on our web site.
A table and chairs gives visitors a chance to sit and read the documents.

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