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ITM's Herbal Formulas:
White Tiger

[for a detailed description of a sample formula please see: Quercenol]

ITM developed the White Tiger brand of formulas in 1993 for use in its clinical facilities and for prescription by practitioners who follow similar treatment protocols. The formulas rely on Western concepts of using dietary supplements and herbs, but were designed to be utilized within a Chinese medical health care approach.

The name White Tiger was chosen because, in the Chinese system of classification, the white tiger is the representative of the West. The tiger is also representative of the potential stored within. A characteristic of the tiger is its stealth (remaining hidden), and the silent crouch that it holds (for as long as necessary) before striking vigorously. The formulations produced under the White Tiger label represent a Western approach to natural health care that store a huge amount of potential in a deceptively small space (compared to the volume of crude preparations).

White Tiger formulations may incorporate vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes, hormones, and other substances that have been determined to have a positive health benefit, as well as utilizing Chinese herbs and some Western herbs. They are made as large, yet easy to swallow, oval tablets of about 1 gram each, usually taken only 1 or 2 tablets at a time. Most of the ingredients are highly concentrated.

Each formula emphasizes one or two well-known compounds or classes of compounds:

Formula Featured Substances Sample Applications or Actions
Alpha-Curcumone alpha-lipoic acid protects liver; for hepatitis, elevated blood lipids
Altarulm mucilage and DGL reduces GI irritation
Baicalcumin baicalin and glycyrrhizin antiviral and anti-inflammatory actions
Boswellamine glucosamine sulfate nourishes joints; anti-arthritic
Bromelgin bromelain anti-inflammatory, for joint injury
Calmagnium minerals and vitamins broad spectrum, high dose nutritional supplement
Cartaequin coenzyme Q10, carnitine protects the heart, lowers lipids
Coricepium polysaccharides protects bone marrow, activates white blood cells
Galletaine digestive enzymes promotes digestion
Gincofolin ginkgo improves brain circulation, memory
Guggul-Rose guggulipid reduces cholesterol and triglycerides
Holothalgate sea cucumber, seaweed reduces inflammation, inhibits herpes virus
Iridoid Complex iridoid glycosides nourishes yin; for menopause, diabetes, eye disorders
Lycuvin bilberry, lutein nourishes eyes, antioxidant, nourishes kidney/liver
Melakava melatonin aids sleep; reduces jetlag
Nardova sedative herbs anti-anxiety, aids sleep
Oxymatrine oxymatrine inhibits viruses, promotes white blood cells
Pantosterone DHEA tonifies yang, anti-inflammatory
Propol-Gold propolis, grapefruit seed antiseptic; for candida, diarrhea, bronchitis
Quercenol flavonoids, antioxidants protects liver, antiaging
Serageum sterols alleviates prostate enlargement, urinary inflammation
Taraxogen chlorogenic acid detoxifies liver, purges gallbladder, mild diuretic

At ITM's Immune Enhancement Project (IEP) clinic, most patients receive Calmagnium for vitamin and mineral nutritional support and Quercenol for antioxidant support. These patients will usually receive 1 or 2 Seven Forests formulations (complex Chinese herb prescriptions) to address their specific health needs.

ITM publishes a book, A Bag of Pearls (2004), which provides important background information related to the White Tiger Formulas. All practitioners who prescribe the White Tiger formulas should possess and refer to the most recent version of this book. Non-practitioners may obtain this book for their personal reference, but are cautioned that the information is couched in terms usually learned only during formal training, especially in reference to traditional Chinese medicine.



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