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INDEX-February 2005

About the Authors

Most of the articles were written by Subhuti Dharmananda, Ph.D. Dr. Dharmananda received his doctorate in Biology from the University of California, and is Director of the Institute for Traditional Medicine. A few articles were authored or co-authored by Heiner Fruehauf, Ph.D., L.Ac.; he received his Ph.D. in Germany for studies in classical Chinese, and obtained his acupuncture license in Oregon following extensive studies in China. He is the author of the ITM books Treatment of Difficult and Recalcitrant Diseases with Chinese Herbs and The Five Organ Networks of Chinese Medicine. In the following index, unless mentioned otherwise, the articles are by Subhuti Dharmananda.

About the Subdivision of Articles

In the index, articles have been grouped in four divisions. The "Action Category" includes resource guides that can be used to locate books, journals, medical products, and other resources, to aid education and practice, and it also includes some articles or report forms. The "Disorder Category" includes articles about treating specific disorders or groups of disorders. The "General Subjects Category" includes articles that are intended to enhance your overall understanding of the principles and procedures involved with traditional medicine. The "Substance Category" includes articles about individual herbs, herbal formulas, or active constituents. Articles preceded by an asterisk (*) are suitable for non-practitioners as well.

About Publication of These Articles on the Internet

Several of the articles are made available on ITM's web page: Articles posted on the internet may have been altered by removing any appendices that mention the ITM formulary.

About Manuscript Revisions and Copying of Manuscripts

From time to time, START Group manuscripts that have been mailed in the past are revised. Unless the revision is substantial, the article will not automatically be mailed again to members; when there are major revisions the new version is mailed and members are asked to remove the old version from their files and replace it with the new one. The ITM authors give permission to START Group members to copy the articles-as might be helpful for use in classes or for patients-but members are advised to check with ITM to make sure that the most updated version is being used to make the copies. If a revised version has become available, it will be sent to members upon request (for making copies, please request a single-sided master or a computer document sent by e-mail).


Ayurvedic and Tibetan Medicine Books/Journals/Schools/Institutes:

*Status of Ayurvedic Medicine in the U.S. (6p)

*Resource Guide for Tibetan Medicine (6p)

Chinese Characters:

The Origin, Evolution, and Underlying Meaning of Chinese Writing (3p)

Chinese Herbal Medicine Books/Journals:

Resources for the Study of Chinese Medicine (Books and Journals) (18p)

Some Selected Traditional Chinese Medical Texts in Translation (4p)

Native American Traditional Medicine:

*Native American Traditional Medicine (16p)

Oriental Diet Therapy; Review of Books:

*Books Relevant to Oriental Diet Therapy (5p)

Practitioner Referral Form, 2003:

ITM's Practitioner Referral Information Form (2p)

Practitioner Reference Guide, 2003:

*Institute for Traditional Medicine (ITM) Practitioner Reference Guide (about 16 pages; varies)

Searching the Internet

How to Search the Web for Medical Information (2p)

Writing a Thesis Paper:

Writing a Thesis Paper: Instructions for Students of Oriental Medicine (6p)


Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS): see HIV

Addiction; see Tobacco Addiction


Abdominal Adhesions: Prevention and Treatment (6p)


Chinese Medical Views and Treatments of Allergy (16p)


Treatment of Alopecia with Chinese Herbs (8p)

Alzheimer's Disease; see also Mind/Brain Disorders and Ginkgo [Substances]:

Alzheimer's Disease: Treatment with Chinese Herbs (6p)

Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS):

Treatment of ALS with Chinese Medicine (8p)

Anemia; see also Beta-Thalassemia; for Aplastic Anemia, see Tortoise Shell [Substances]

Iron Deficiency Anemia (4p)

Arrhythmia; see Shengmai San [Substances] and Viral Myocarditis


An Analysis of Chinese Herb Prescriptions for Rheumatoid Arthritis (16p)


Acupuncture Treatment of Asthma (13p)

Herbs and Drugs for Asthma (21p)

Two Case Histories of Asthma Treatment: One Controlled, One Cured (5p)

Attention Deficit Disorder:

Chinese Herbal Treatment for Attention Deficit Disorder (4p)


Autism (6p)

Back Pain:

Treatment of Sciatica and Lumbago with Chinese Herbs (11p)


Treatment of -Thalassemia with Chinese Herbs (2p)

Blood Disorders; see Anemia; Beta-Thalassemia; ITP; Leukemia; also Wu Chi Pai Feng Wan; Gui Pi Tang; Tang-kuei; Yunnan Pai Yao; [Substances]

Blood Stasis:

Persica and Carthamus: Herbs Paired for Treatment of Blood Stasis (6p)

Sparganium and Zedoaria: Herbs Combined to Treat Solid Masses (2p)

Brain Tumor:

Chinese Medical Treatment of Brain Tumor (8p)

Breast Health/Development:

Chinese Herbs to Promote Breast Development (and to Promote Lactation and Resolve Breast Lumps) (3p)

CFIDS (Chronic Fatigue Immune Dysfunction Syndrome):

Treatment of Chronic Fatigue Immune Dysfunction Syndrome (14p)

Cancer; see also Soybeans, Oldenlandia/Scutellaria, and Polysaccharides [Substances]; Questionable Cancer Therapies [General]:

Cancer Treatment Strategies at IEP (12p)

Estrogen Dependent Tumors and Herbs (9p)

How Emotions May Contribute to Cancer (8p)

*Oriental Perspectives on Cancer and Its Treatment (9p)

Prognosis After Diagnosis of Liver Cancer (14p)

The Treatment of Gastro-Intestinal Cancers with Chinese Medicine (15p)

Treatment of Leukemia Using Integrated Chinese and Western Medicine (12p)

Cardiovascular Disease; see also Stroke and Viral Myocarditis:

Treatment of Cardiovascular Diseases with Chinese Herbs (6p)

*Oriental Perspectives on Cardiovascular Diseases and Their Treatment (9p)

Treatment of Cardiovascular diseases with Chinese herbs: Congestive Heart Failure and Other Cardiovascular Disorders of Aging (6p)


Cataracts: Prevention and Treatment with Reference to Chinese Medicine (4p)

Treatment of Cataracts with Chinese Herbs (10p)

Circulatory Disorders; see Raynaud's Disease; Cardiovascular Disease; Pueraria [Substances]:

Common Cold:

Managing Common Cold, Flu, and Sinus Congestion (3p)

Cough; see Trichosanthes; Fritillaria; Magnolia Bark; Tibetan Herbs [Substances]

Crohn's Disease; see Ulcerative Colitis


Treatment of Diabetes with Chinese Herbs and Acupuncture (16p) [online journal version]

Diarrhea, Chronic:

Treatment of Chronic Diarrhea with Chinese Herbs and Oriental Diet Therapy (6p)


Chinese Herbal Therapies for Endometriosis (2p)

Pelvic Pain Study Results; Endometriosis Study Results (2p)

Treatment of Endometriosis with Chinese Medicine (20p) [online journal version]

Epilepsy; see Mind/Brain Disorders-Acupuncture

Erratic Complaints Syndrome (Xue Dao Zheng):

Complex Disease Patterns and Their Treatment with Chinese Herbs (23p)

Femur Head Necrosis:

Treatment of Avascular Necrosis of the Femur Head with Chinese Herbs and Acupuncture (6p)

Fibroids; see also Uterine Myoma

Chinese Herbal Therapy for Uterine Fibroids (12p)

Excessive Uterine Bleeding Treated with Saraca, an Ayurvedic Herb (2p)


Fibromyalgia and Chinese Herb Therapy (2p)


Floaters and Their Treatment with Chinese herbs (6p)

Flu (Influenza):

Chinese Herb Response to Influenza (2p)


Treatment of Gallstones with Chinese Herbs and Acupuncture (17p)


Treatment of Glaucoma with Chinese Herbs (7p)

Grave's Disease; see Thyroid Diseases

Hair Loss; see Alopecia and Ho-shou-wu [Substances]:


Headaches (11p)

Hepatitis B and C; see also Sophora [Substances]:

Chinese Herbal Medicine for the Treatment of Hepatitis B Infection (10p)

Hepatitis C: Recent Treatment Strategies (14p)

Hepatitis C: Update 2001 (4p)

Two Case Histories of Hepatitis C Treatment: One Successful, One Unsuccessful (7p)

Update on Hepatitis C Treatments (16p)

Treatment and Prevention of Liver Fibrosis (6p)


Treatment of Hemorrhoids with Chinese Herbs (9p)

HIV: see also Herbs-HIV Drugs Interactions [General]

Natural Therapies for HIV/AIDS in the Age of Drug Cocktails (12p)

Hyperlipidemia; see Obesity


Exploring Yin/Yang #3 (6p)

Hyperthyroid/Hypothyroid; see Thyroid Diseases


Reducing Inflammation with Diet and Supplements: The Story of Eicosanoid Inhibition (12p)


Impetigo and its Treatment (4p)


*Chinese Herbs and Fertility (4p) [patient hand-out]

Influenza; see Flu

Insomnia; see also Zizyphus and Tianwang Bu Xin Dan [Substances]:

Exploring Yin/Yang #8: The Wake/Sleep Cycle (15p)

Interstitial Cystitis:

Treatment of Interstitial Cystitis with Chinese Medicine (6p)

Irritable Bowel Syndrome:

Treatment of Irritable Bowel Syndrome with Chinese Herbs (4p)

ITP (Idiopathic Thrombocytic Purpura):

Treatment of ITP with Chinese Medicine (13p)

Kidney Disorders; see Renal Failure and Urinary Stones

Lead Poisoning; see Heavy Metals in Chinese Herbs [Substances]

Leukemia; see Cancer

Lumbago; see Back Pain

Liver Fibrosis; see Hepatitis; see also Salvia, Oxymatrine [Substances]

Lupus Erythematosus (SLE):

Treatment of Systemic Lupus Erythematosis (SLE) with Chinese Herbs (4p)

Lyme Disease:

Lyme Disease: Treatment with Chinese Herbs (5p)


Chinese Herbs for Lymphedema (11p)

Malaria; see Artemisias [Substances]

Meniere's Disease:

Treatment of Tinnitus, Vertigo, and Meniere's Disease with Chinese Herbs (11p)

Menopause; see also Rehmannia [Substances]:

The Treatment of Menopausal Syndrome with Chinese Herbs (10p)

Mental Retardation; see Mind-Brain Disorders

Mind-Brain Disorders:

Acupuncture and Herbs for Mind and Brain Disorders: I. Acupuncture (12p)

Acupuncture and Herbs for Mind and Brain Disorders: II. Herbs (16p)

Mountain Sickness:

Reduction of Mountain Sickness with Chinese Herbs (9p)

Multiple Sclerosis:

Chinese Herbal Treatment for Multiple Sclerosis (18p)

Evaluation of DHEA Levels in Multiple Sclerosis (5p)

*Maximize Your Results (Suggestions for MS Patients) (3p)

Modern Chinese Medical Methods for MS (10p)

*Traditional Chinese Medicine and Multiple Sclerosis (8p)


Obesity and Hyperlipidemia: Bojenmi Tea and Other Chinese Herb Formulas (18p)

The Use of Herbs for Obesity: An ITM Position Paper (12p)

Ovarian Cysts:

Treatment of Ovarian Cysts with Chinese Herbs (7p)

Pain; see also Dysmenorrhea; Arthritis; Sciatica:

Simple Traditional Formulas for Pain (12 p)

Parasitic Infection:

Treatment of Intestinal Parasites with Chinese Herbs (10p)

*Intestinal Parasites and Pathogens (3p)

Post-Stroke Syndrome; see also Scalp Acupuncture:

Historical Development of the Concept of Stroke and Post-Stroke Syndrome (22p) [by Fruehauf]

Prostate Disorders:

Herbal Therapy for Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (4p)


Psoriasis: A Treatment Protocol (6p)

Raynaud's Disease:

Raynaud's Disease: Chinese Medical Perspective (6p)

Restless Legs Syndrome:

Restless Legs Syndrome and Chinese Medicine (4p)

Renal Failure:

Treatment of Renal Failure with Chinese Herbs (2p)


Sarcoidosis (3p)

SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome):

SARS and Chinese Medicine (12p)


Chinese Herbal Therapies for Sciatica and Lumbago (11p)


Treatment of Scleroderma with Chinese Herbs (4p)

Sinus Health; see also Common Cold:

An Epidemic of Sinus Disorders: Natural Treatment with Ayurvedic Methods (5p)

Stroke; see Post-stroke Syndrome [Disorders]; Phlegm-Mist and Scalp Acupuncture [General]

SLE; see Lupus

SSRI (Antidepressants) Withdrawal:

SSRI Withdrawal Procedure (6p)

Throat Disorders:

Treatment of Throat and Voice Disorders with Chinese Medicine (8p)

Thyroid Diseases:

Treatments for Thyroid Diseases with Chinese Herbal Medicine (24p)


Treatment of Tinnitus, Vertigo, and Meniere's Disease with Chinese Herbs (11p)

Tobacco Addiction:

Acupuncture Assistance for Withdrawal from Tobacco Smoking (6p)

Tourette's Syndrome:

Tourette's Syndrome: Treatment with Chinese Medicine (6p)

Tumors; see Cancer

Ulcerative Colitis:

The Use of Jianpiling in Treating Ulcerative Colitis (5p)

Urinary Stones:

Shrinking and Eliminating Urinary Tract Calculi (6p)

Uterine Bleeding; see also Anemia and Gui Pi Tang [Substances]:

Excessive Uterine Bleeding Treated with Saraca, an Ayurvedic Herb (2p)

Uterine Myoma: see Fibroids

Chinese Herbal Therapy for Uterine Fibroids (12p)

Varicose Veins; see Hemorrhoids [appendix to article]


Treatment of Tinnitus, Vertigo, and Meniere's Disease with Chinese Herbs (11p)

Viral Myocarditis:

Viral Myocarditis: Coxsackie Virus Infections (8p)


Treatment of Vitiligo with Chinese Herbs (10p)

West Nile Virus:

West Nile Virus (2p)


Acupuncture; see also ALS; Diabetes; Asthma; Mind-Brain Disorders; Throat Disorders; Interstitial Cystitis [Disorders]; Chinese Medicine in the U.S.; Japanese Practice of Chinese Medicine:

Acupuncture Assistance for Withdrawal from Tobacco Smoking (6p)

*An Introduction to Acupuncture and How It Works (6p)

Chinese Medicine in Italy (8p)

Getting Qi (4p)

Ma Danyang's 12 Acupoints (12p)

Neiguan (Pericardium-6) (11p)

Personal Experience with Acupuncture Therapy (6p) by Chen Kequin

Synopsis of Scalp Acupuncture (20p)

Zusanli (Stomach-36) (13p)

Applying Chinese Herbs Effectively:

Dosage of Herbs for Children (1p)

Duration of Therapy with Chinese Herbs (8p)

Getting Results (3p)

On the Best Time of Day to Take Herbal Remedies (8p)

*Taking Herbs (1p)

The Methods of Preparation of Herb Formulas (10p)

Ayurvedic Medicine; see also Ayurvedic Supplements [Substances]:

A Brief Review of Ayurvedic Concepts (24p)

Basics of Ayurvedic Physiology (8p)

Status of Ayurvedic Medicine in the U.S. (6p)

The Ayurvedic Medicine Industry in India (12p)

Basic Theories of Chinese Medicine (Yin/Yang, Five Elements, Six Qi); see also Drawing a Concept:

Exploring Yin/Yang #1 (3p)

Exploring Yin/Yang #2 (10p)

Exploring Yin/Yang #3 (6p)

Exploring Yin/Yang #4: The Hun and Po (7p)

Exploring Yin/Yang #5: Ying and Wei (7p)

Exploring Yin/Yang #6: Cold and Heat (10p)

Exploring Yin/Yang #7: Harmonization Therapy (9p)

Exploring Yin/Yang #8: The Wake/Sleep Cycle (15p)

The Six Qi and Six Yin (9p)

To Call Wuxing Five Elements or Five Phases: Is it the Right Question? (8p)

Buddhism; see Historic, Mythic, and Spiritual Basis of Chinese Medicine; Tibetan and Bhutanese Medicine

Chinese Herbs [overviews]; see also: Herb Safety and Chinese Medicine in the U.S.:

*An Introduction to Chinese Herbs (6p)

*A Chinese Herbal Medicine Primer for Medical Doctors (6p)

Designing a Personalized Chinese Herb Formula (20p)

*How Clean and Pure are Chinese Herbs? (6p)

Taste and Action of Chinese Herbs: Traditional and Modern Viewpoints (11p)

Chinese Medical Research:

Controlled Clinical Trials of Chinese Herbal Medicines: A Review (36p)

How to Search the Web for Medical Information (2p)

Status of Chinese Medical Research (15p)

Chinese Medicine in the U.S.:

Analysis of Formulas Used in Western Practice of Chinese Herbal Medicine (13p)

Fake Diagnostic Devices (4p)

NAET Follow-Up (21p)

Restructuring American Acupuncture Practices (12p)

*The Current (1996) Status of Chinese Medicine in the United States (28p)

Traditional Medicine at Risk [NAET] (10p)

Understanding Chinese Medicine (16p)

Update on the Status of Chinese Medicine in the U.S.: Results of a Practitioner Survey (10p)


Human Constitutions (3p) based on lecture by Dr. Ma (Seattle)

Kidney Essence and the Human Body (an Exploration of Chinese Embryology) (2p)

Demon-caused Disorders:

Disorders Caused by Demons (16p)

Dietary Considerations; see also Soybeans and Flavonoids [Substances]; Anemia (iron-deficiency), Restless Legs Syndrome [Disorders]:

*The Ideal Meal (13p)

Drawing A Concept:

Feng: Drawing a Concept (27p)

Jingluo: Drawing a Concept (6p)

Qi: Drawing a Concept (6p)

Xing: Drawing a Concept (6p)

Yin/Yang: Drawing a Concept (4p)

Zangfu: Drawing a Concept (6p)

Emotions and Health:

*Disease Prevention and Restoring Harmony: Control the Emotions (22p) [online journal version]

*How Emotions May Contribute to Cancer (8p)

Endocrine Impact of Herbs:

Estrogen Dependent Tumors and Herbs: How Modern Conditions Change Traditional Practices (6p)

The Endocrine Impact of Chinese Medicine (18p)

Famous Doctors and Texts of Chinese Medicine:

A Modern View of the Shang Han Lun (31p)

The Jin-Yuan Medical Reforms (8p)

Jisheng Fang: A Book of Formulas to Promote Well-being (8p)

Li Shizhen: Scholar Worthy of Emulation (12p)

Sun Simiao (12p)

The Lessons of Shennong (6p)

Herb Safety; see also Heavy Metals [Substances]:

Are Aristolochia Plants Dangerous? (13p)

Checking for Possible Herb-Drug Interactions (12p)

*Chinese Herbs and Pregnancy: Where to Draw the Line? (4p)

Did the Herbs Cause That? (4p)

Do Herbs, Vitamins, and Antioxidants Adversely Affect Cancer Therapies? (16p)

Ephidrine in Pinellia? (4p)

HIV Drugs and Herb Interactions (2p)

Kava Update (2p)

On Taking Herbs while Breastfeeding (5p)

Rare Reactions to a Safe Herb: Sanqi (Panax notoginseng) (6p)

Safety Issues Affecting Chinese Herbs: Herbs That May Increase Blood Pressure

Safety Issues Affecting Chinese Herbs: How Long can Stimulant Laxatives Be Used? (12p)

Safety Issues Affecting Chinese Herbs: The Case of Asarum (16p)

Safety Issues Affecting Chinese Herbs: The Case of Dictamnus and Herbs for Skin Diseases (8p)

Safety Issues Affecting Chinese Herbs: The Case of Ginseng (10p)

Safety Issues Affecting Chinese Herbs: The Case of Kava (3p)

Safety Issues Affecting Chinese Herbs: The Case of Ma-huang (8p)

Safety Issues Affecting Chinese Herbs: The Case of Magnolia Alkaloids (6p)

Safety Issues Affecting Chinese Herbs: The Case of Xanthium (6p)

Safety Issues Affecting Chinese Herbs: Pyrrolizidine Alkaloids (12p)

Safety Issues Affecting Chinese Herbs: Usnea (4p)

Synephrine: Is Chih-shih (Zhishi) Toxic? (7p)

The Interactions of Herbs and Drugs (14p)

The Source of Quintozene Residues in Ginseng (6p)

The Story of Jin Bu Huan (8p)

Traces of Chloramphenicol in Chinese Bee Products (4p)

Warfarin and Chinese Medicine (12p)

Historic, Mythic, and Spiritual Aspects of Chinese Medicine:

Chinese Dynasties (8p)

Essentials of Taoism and the Taoist Influence on Herbal Medicine Literature (15p)

Myth and Meaning in Chinese Medicine (6p) by Lonny Jarrett, L.Ac.

Restoring the Traditional in Traditional Chinese Medicine (15p)

The Intersection of Taoism and Buddhism: The Diamond Cutter (17p)

The Spirit of Traditional Chinese Medicine (20p) by Lonny Jarret, L.Ac.

Immune System:

The Immune System-How It Works (6p)

Japanese Practice of Chinese Medicine:

Japanese Acupuncture: The Role of Blind Acupuncturist and the Benten Goddess (6p)

Kampo Medicine: The Practice of Chinese Herbal Medicine in Japan (18p)

Zen Shiatsu: The Legacy of Shizuto Masunaga (6p)

Methods of Diagnosis and Therapy:

*Basic Qi Gong (Clicking Teeth, Breathing Deep, Rubbing Belly) (2p)

Borneol, Artemesia, and Moxa (15p) [appendix on moxibustion]

Cupping (5p)

Enumerating the Methods of Therapy (5p)

On the Importance of Perspiration in Chinese Medical Diagnosis and Therapy (5p)

Promoting Health and Relaxation During the Four Seasons (4p) by Heiner Fruehauf, Ph.D., L.Ac.

*The Road to Health (1p)

Modern Applications of Herbs:

Countering Side Effects of Modern Medical Therapies with Chinese Herbs (31p)

Steroid Withdrawal Procedure (4p)


Moxibustion: Practical Considerations for Modern Use (20p)

Organic Herb Cultivation:

The Movement Towards Organic Herb Cultivation in China (10p)


What is Phlegm-Mist Affecting the Orifices of the Heart? TCM perspective on causes of stroke (8p)

Popular Medical Literature and Alternative Medicine:

Analyzing Claims in the Literature (6p)

*Critical Thinking for the Natural Healing Profession (4p)

Homeopathy: An Appropriate Adjunct to Chinese Medicine? (9p)

How Ineffective Herb Products Get Accepted (6p)

The Lessons of Laetrile and the Process of Introducing Alternative Medicine (4p)

Why ITM Won't Provide Test Kits (4p)

Tibetan Medicine and Bhutanese Medicine:

*From Tibet to India (12p)

*Drepung Gomang (4p)

Medicine in the Tibetan Refugee Community (8p)

Tibetan Herbal Medicine: With Examples of Treating Lung Disease Using Rhodiola and Hippophae (12p)

Traditional Medicine of Bhutan (8p)

*Update on Drepung Gomang Community Dispensary (2p)

Translation of Chinese Medical Terms:

On the Common Names for Chinese Herbs (14p)

Presenting the Proper Case (5p)

The Qi Keeps the Blood within the Vessels: The Story of Gui Pi Tang (8p)

Translating Chinese Terms to English: Attempts at Precision May Lead to Confusion (5p)

Unani Medicine:

Unani Medicine with Reference to Hamdard of Pakistan and India (8p)

Veterinary Application of Herbs:

Report on Veterinary Application of Chinese Herbs (7p)

Rehmannia Eight Formula and its Veterinary Applications (9p)


Amino Acid Supplements:

Amino Acid Supplements I: Glutamine (and Glutamate) (12p)

Amino Acid Supplements II: SAMe (and Methionine) (3p)

Amino Acid Supplements III: Carnitine (and Taurine) (4p)

Amino Acid Supplements IV: Theanine

Aromatic Agents:

The Use of Aromatic Agents for Regulating Qi, Vitalizing Blood, and Relieving Pain


Borneol, Artemesia, and Moxa

Ching-hao and the Artemisias Used in Chinese Medicine

Astragalus Adjunct Cancer Therapy Tea; see Herb Packets


Atractylodes: Baizhu and Cangzhu (8p)

Ayurvedic Supplements:

A Brief Review of Ayurvedic Concepts (24p)

Chyawanprash: The Premier Rasayana of Ayurveda (4p)

Emblic Myrobalans: Amla (4p)

Excessive Uterine Bleeding Treated with Saraca, an Ayurvedic Herb (2p)

Herbs from India: Therapeutic Massage Oils/Karnim Caplets (2p)


Bamboo as Medicine (8p)

Beverage Teas (Tea, Chrysanthemum, Ginger, Greenthread, Honeybush, Laoying, Lemon Myrtle):

Beverage Teas for Health (7p)

Greenthread: Navajo-Hopi Tea (6p)

Honeybush: Healthful Beverage Tea from South Africa (6p)

Laoying Tea (6p)

Lemon Myrtle: A Delicious Source of Citral (1p)


Bidens: A Popular Remedy Escapes Notice of Western Practitioners

Borneol; see Artemisias

Bupleurum Formulas; see also Traditional Formulas:

Selection Criteria for Bupleurum Formulas from Seven Forests (4p)

Calcium; see also Menopause [Disorders]:

*Getting Enough Calcium for Menopause (4p)

Carthamus; see Persica; Blood Stasis [Disorders]

Chinese Materia Medica:

Essential Chinese Materia Medica (78p)

Chinese Patents and Traditional Formulas; see also Traditional Formula Reference Sheets:

Brightening the Mind and the Senses: Yiqi Congming Tang

Danggui Yinzi (Tang-kuei and Tribulus Combination) (4p)

*Drugs in Imported Chinese Herb Products

Ermiao San: Two Marvels Powder

Erzhi Wan: Two Ultimate Pill

History and Development of Modern Chinese Patent Medicines (8p)

The Jade Screen: The Story Behind Yupingfeng San

Obesity and Hyperlipidemia: Bojenmi Tea and Other Chinese Herb Formulas (18p)

Pill Curing and Huoxiang Zhenqi Pian (6p)

Pueraria Flower Combination (Gehua Jiexing Tang): Herb Formula for Hangover

Renshen Fengwangjiang (Ginseng/Royal Jelly) (8p)

Shengmai San

Shuanghuanglian: Potent Anti-infection Combination (4p)

Tianwang Buxin Dan: Famous Patent for Nourishing the Heart (5p)

What is the Meaning of "Yiqi" in Buzhong Yiqi Tang?

What's in a Name? Free and Easy Wanderer's Powder-Xiao Yao San (8p)

What's in Name? The Four Gentlemen Decoction (6p)

Wu Chi Pai Feng Wan (4p)

Xuefu Zhuyu Tang (Persica and Achyranthes Combination) (4p)

Yin Qiao Jie Du Pian (8p)

Yunnan Paiyao (10p)


Chin-Chiu and Gentiana: Herbs for Deficiency and Excess Liver/Gallbladder Fire (8p)


Ching-hao and the Artemisias Used in Chinese Medicine


Cistanche and Endangered Species Issues Affecting the Herb Supply (4p)


Coffee in China: Analysis of Coffee According to TCM (8p)



Crataegus (Hawthorn):

Hawthorn (Crataegus): Food and Medicine in China (4p)


Cynomorium: Parasitic Plant Widely Used in Traditional Medicine (6p)

Deer Antler:

Deer Antler: to Nourish Blood, Bone, and Joints (8p)

Dragon Bone:

Dragon's Bones and Teeth (4p)

Dried Extract Pharmacy:

Dried Decoctions (Extracts) Used at ITM (4p)

Supplemental Formulas: Using Granules to Augment the ITM Tablet Formulary (8p)


Eucommia: A Unique Rubber Tree (4p)


*Flavonoids and Health (4p)

The Role of Dietary and Herbal Flavonoids in Gastro-intestinal Health (25p)

Folate/Folic Acid; see Restless Legs Syndrome [Disorders]

Forsythia; See Lonicera

Frankincense; see Myrrh


Gallnuts and the Uses of Tannins in Chinese Medicine (4p)


Gardenia: Key Herb for Dispelling Dampness and Heat via the Triple Burner (4p)


Garlic and Hyperlipidemia: Lessons to Learn from Clinical Trials (10p) includes article from JAMA

Gastrodia and Armillaria:

Gastrodia (2p)

Modernizing Chinese Medicine: The Case of Armillaria as a Gastrodia Substitute (12p)

Gentiana; See Chin-chiu


*Ginkgo (8p) with Heiner Fruehauf, Ph.D., L.Ac.

Ginseng; See also Herb Safety [General Subjects]:

Notes on the Term "Shen" in Renshen (Ginseng) (5p)

The Nature of Ginseng (20p)

Granules; see Dried Extract Pharmacy

Hawthorn (Crataegus):

Hawthorn (Crataegus): Food and Medicine in China (4p)


Questionable Cancer Therapies II: The Case of Haelan (4p)

Heavy Metals:

The Origin, Distribution, Uses, and Toxicity of Heavy Metals (104p)

Lead Content of Soil, Plants, Foods, Air and Chinese Herb Formulas (12p)

Herb-Drug Interactions; see Herb Safety [General]

Herb Packets Available from ITM:

Crude Herb Mixtures (12p)

Herbal Chicken Soup; see Herb Packets


Ho-shou-wu: What's in an Herb Name? (13p)


New Additions to the Chinese Materia Medica (I. Kava: Piper methysticum) (8p)

Safety Issues Affecting Chinese Herbs: The Case of Kava (2p)

Kava Update(2p)


*Kombucha Tea (4p)

Ku Ding Cha:

*Ku Ding Cha (4p)

Laxative Herbs; see Herb Safety [General]


Legumes: The Story of Chinese Medicinal Plant Resources (8p)

Licorice; see Sustainable Herb Resources


Lonicera and Forsythia: Representatives of the "Floating" Toxin-clearing Herbs (10p)

Lotus Seed:

Lotus Seed: Food and Medicine (4p)

Luo Han Guo:

Luo Han Guo: Sweet Fruit Used as a Sugar Substitute and Medicinal Herb (4p)

Lycium Fruit; see Herb Packets

Magnolia Bark; see also Herb Safety [General]

Magnolia Bark (8p)

Ma-huang; see Herb Safety [General]


Mentha and Schizonepeta (8p)


Questionable Cancer Therapies III: MGN-3 (4p)


Millettia (Jixueteng) (15p)

Morus Fruit:

Fruit as Medicine: Morus Fruit (6p)

Mushrooms: see Polysaccharides


Myrrh and Frankincense (4p)

Nardostachys see Valerian:

Nutritional Supplements:

Nutritional Supplementation Basics for Practitioners of Traditional Medicine (8p)


Oldenlandia and Scutellaria: Anti-toxin and Anticancer Herbs (6p)

Oxymatrine; see also Sopohora

Matrine and Oxymatrine: Subjects of Chinese Research (4p)

Oxymatrine: Update on Clinical Effects and Safety (4p)


Pantosterone (4p)


*Questionable Cancer Therapies (6p)


White Peony, Red Peony, and Moutan: Three Chinese Herbs Derived from Paeonia (12p)


Persica and Carthamus: Herbs Paired for Treatment of Blood Stasis (6p)

Phlegm-resolving Herbs; see also Herb Packets

A Study Guide to Phlegm-resolving Herbs (14p)

Fritillaria (6p)

Pinellia, Arisaema, Acorus, and Typhonium (12p)

Platycodon and Other Chinese Herbs with Triterpene Glycosides (15 p)

Trichosanthes (8p)

Pinellia: see also Herb Safety [General]

Pinellia, Arisaema, Acorus, and Typhonium (12p)

Pyrrolizidine Alkaloids; see Herb Safety [General]


The Physiological Responses to Immunologically-Active Polysaccharides (19p)


Pueraria Flavonoids (4p)

Rehmannia and Rehmannia Formulas:

Rehmannia (19p)

Rehmannia Eight Formula and Its Veterinary Applications (9p)

Rehmannia Six Formula: Liuwei Dihuang Wan (10p)


Rooibos (2p)

Salvia see also Hepatitis [Disorders]:

Salvia and the History of Microcirculation Research in China (12p)

Sangpiaoxiao San (Mantis Formula):

Sangpiaoxiao San: Example of a Mind-Body Formula (4p)

Sanqi (Panax notoginseng); see also Chinese Patent Medicines (Yunnan Pai Yao)

Rare Reactions to a Safe Herb: Sanqi (Panax notoginseng) (4p)

Sea Buckthorn (Hippophae):

Sea Buckthorn (6p)

Sea Cucumber:

Sea Cucumber: Food and Medicine (4p)

Schizonepeta; see Mentha


The Nutritional and Medicinal Value of Seaweeds Used in Chinese Medicine (6p)


Silverweed: Potentilla Species Used in Herbal Medicine (2p)


The Medicinal Use of Snakes in China (3p)


Questionable Cancer Therapies II: The Case of Haelan (4p)

Soybeans for Cancer Patients (2p)

Soybeans for Health (3p)

Update on Soy Products: Are They appropriate for Women Concerned About Breast Cancer? (8p)


Sophora (10p)


Sparganium and Zedoaria: Herbs Combined to Treat Solid Masses (2p)

Sustainable Herb Resources:

Shrinking Wild Herb Supplies (6p)

From Wild to Cultivated (20p)

Transition to Cultivated Licorice, A Model for Chinese Herbs (2p)

Deer Antler to Nourish Blood, Bone, and Joints (8p)

Endangered Species Issues Affecting Turtles and Tortoises Used in Chinese Medicine (8p)

Tang-Kuei; see also Traditional Formulas:

Selection Criteria for Tang-Kuei Formulas from Seven Forests (4p)

Tang-kuei and Tribulus Combination:

Danggui Yinzi (Tang-kuei and Tribulus Combination) (4p)

Tea; See Amino Acids (theanine)

Tibetan Herbs; see also Silverweed, Sea Buckthorn, and Tibetan Medicine [General Subjects]:

Tibetan Herbal Medicine: With Examples of Treating Lung Disease Using Rhodiola and Hippophae (12p)

Topical Herbs; see Herb Packets

Tortoise Shell see also Sustainable Herb and Animal Resources:

Tortoise Shell (17p)

Traditional Formula Reference Sheets (by Heiner Fruehauf); see also Chinese Patents and Traditional Formulas:

Agastache Formula (Huoxiang Zhengqi San) (2p)

Bupleurum and Chih-shih Formula (Sini San) (2p)

Bupleurum and Dragon Bone Combination (Chaihu Jia Longgu Muli Tang) (2p)

Bupleurum and Tang-kuei Formula (Xiaoyao San) (2p)

Ching-hao and Turtle Shell Combination (Qinghao Biejia Tang) (2p)

Cinnamon and Dragon Bone Combination (Guizhi Jia Longgu Muli Tang) (2p)

Citrus and Pinellia Combination (Erchen Tang) (2p)

Four Major Herbs Combination (Si Junzi Tang) (2p)

Gastrodia and Uncaria Combination (Tianma Gouteng Yin) (2p)

Gentiana Combination (Longdan Xiegan Tang) (2p)

Ginseng and Longan Combination (Guipi Tang) (2p)

Ginseng and Tang-kuei Ten Combination (Shiquan Dabu Tang) (2p)

Gypsum Combination (Baihu Tang) (2p)

Hoelen Five Herb Formula (Wuling San) (2p)

Licorice and Jujube Combination (Gancao Xiaomai Dazuo Tang) (2p)

Pinellia and Gastrodia Combination (Banxia Baizhu Tainma Tang) (2p)

Pinellia Combination (Banxia Xiexin Tang) (2p)

Platycodon and Fritillaria Combination (Qingfei Tang) (2p)

Psoralea and Nutmeg Formula (Sishen Wan) (2p)

Rehmannia Six Formula (Liuwei Dihuang Wan) (2p)

Six Major Herbs Combination (Liu Junzi Tang) (2p)

Tang-kuei and Arctium Formula (Xiaofeng San) (2p)

Tang-kuei Four Combination (Siwu Tang) (2p)

Trichosanthes: see Phlegm-resolving Herbs


Tripterygium (2p)


Turmeric: What's in an Herb Name? (13p)

Turtles; see Endometriosis [Disorders] and Sustainable Herb and Animal Resources

Uncaria Tomentosa:

*Uncaria Tomentosa (Cat's Claw) (4p)

Usnea; see Herb Safety [General]


Valerian and Nardostachys (8p)

Zedoaria; see Sparganium


*Zizyphus (8p)

*Items suitable for patients to read.